Duplo UltraBIND 2000 PUR

The UltraBIND 2000 PUR is a single clamp easy to use perfect binder designed for the short run Digital Print Markets. The patented Orbital PUR System is a revolutionary development in binding technology. This new technology is not only precise and accurate but also very cost effective. With running speeds of up to 290 cycles per hour, the UltraBIND 2000 PUR is also effective in producing high quality digital work quickly. The UltraBIND 2000 PUR is an ideal companion for small digital printers, copy shops, quick printers and corporate in-plants. It fits perfectly in our Digital Business Solution Range.


         Heavy Duty Build

         Semi Automatic Setup

         Small Footprint

         Patented Orbital PUR System

         Colour Touch Screen Control Panel

         Secure and Accurate Book Production

         Glue Cut Off

         Glue Pressure Adjustment

         5 Minute Clean Up

         15 Minute Make Ready

         Quickest Binding Machine in its Class

Typical Uses

         Photo Books

         Journals, Medical, Scientific, Educational

         Paperback Books


         Instruction Manuals


         Postcard Packs


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Product Description


  • Length of the document: 80mm to 340mm
  • Thickness of the document: 1mm to 40mm
  • Minimum Book Size: 90mm x 80mm
  • Cycling speed: 290
  • Patented Orbital PUR System: Closed tank
  • Glue application on the spine: PUR
  • Glue application on the sides: PUR
  • EasyLOAD PUR cartridge: 0.3kg
  • Heat-up time: 20 to 25 minutes
  • Paper dust collector: YES
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz, 16A, 3kW
  • Net weight (kg/lbs): 250 / 551
  • Dimensions of the machine (LxWxH): 1442x750x1260mm
  • Glue temperature: YES
  • Glue pressure: YES
  • Glue cut off: YES
  • Nipping station time: YES
  • Milling tool height: NO
  • Book block position in the cover: YES
  • OPTIONS: Air Compressor, PUR EasyLOAD Cartridge, Cleaner Cartridge