Eurofold 435SA Pharmaceutical

435SA – 4 Fold Plate System, Suction Feed Table & Electric Stream Delivery

In designing the Eurofold folding machine program, the idea of modularity is being further advanced. All models can be supplied in a variety of standard formats for 2 or 4 plate fold production. The modularity of the system allows the user to further advance the machine by adding extra functionality by purchasing extra modules such as Electric Fold Plates, Batch, Pre-select & Space Counters, Stackers, Feeders and Cross Fold Units (235KA).



          User Friendly


          Choice between manual or automatic folding plates

          Create your own machine by choosing feeder, folding plates, counter, delivery, machine table

Typical Uses

          Single Half Fold

          Business Letter

          Standard Gate


          Parallel Map

          Reverse Map


Product Description


  • Description  Automatic
  • Number of folding plates 4
  • Minimum folding length 20 mm with special folding plate 35 mm with standard folding plate Maximum folding length up to 423 mm
  • Suction feeder or deep pile feeder with side lay register
  • Delivery – Standard Delivery or Vertical Stacker
  • Roller adjustment yes, manually from outside
  • Cross fold option and perforation option
  • Paper size minimum 90 x120 mm, standard*
  • Paper size maximum 350 x 650 mm (A3)
  • Paper stocks 40 – 240 g/m2,
  • Depending on paper quality Folding performance up to 30’000 sheets A4/h
  • Electrical connection 230 V / 50 Hz Electrical consumption