UCHIDA U-Coater Plus

Ideal solution for making added-value work.
Uchida U-Coater series are the unique paper coating machines, capable to give prints variety of effects instantly.
Having high quality thermal roller and heat control system, U-Coater series are capable to make “Dry coat” transparent overcoating (gloss & matt), “Image coat” toner burnishing (semi-spot coat) or gold & silver foili fusing by only changing films and settings.

Dry coat film (gloss/matt)
Dry coat film makes digital print beautiful looking as it’s coated. As a print goes through the machine, very thin particles of the Dry coat film get transferred on the surface of the print. Unlike laminator film, trimming is not required, and it’s easy to cut, crease and fold Dry coated prints. Coating process is simple, clean and safe unlike UV coater.
Dry coating can be made on single side at once. It works only on digitally (powder toner based) printed coated papers.

Image coat film
Using a high parallelism film, the machine applies heat on to the surface of the print.
Toner is then applied to the surface, melted and burnished as it’s “spot-coated”.

Foil (gold/silver)
When the foil roll is set, as a print goes through the machine, thermal roller reactivates toner and the foil sticks only on where toner is. Short-run foiling jobs can be done quickly without making die.


More productivity, more flexibility.
U-Coater Plus has semi-auto air suction feeding system which dramatically reduce labour time. Once the feed tray is set at starting position by using a knob, the U-coater Plus keeps feeding prints and the feed tray elevates automatically.
Thanks to the slider, the feeding unit can easily be separated as shown below. This makes film setting much easier and quicker.
The add-on type lamination film roll holder adds capability to use common laminating film rolls, up to 320mm in width. As the U-Coater Plus features automatic cutter to separate laminated sheets, it can handle OPP films, PET films and nylon films. (*Please test some sheets before production. )
The U-Coater Plus features a dust removing system, a film cutter to change widths of laminating films, a decurlering system to make it easier to finish laminated prints.


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Product Description



Paper surface coating machine with special films + laminator

Feed system

Upper belt air suction semi-automatic feed

Coating mechanism

Heat roller system (90 – 160°C)

Paper size

210(W)x148(L) – 330(W)x600(L)mm
Laminating: 297(W)x210(L) – 330(W)x600(L)mm

Paper weight

110 to 400gsm


Up tp 3.2m / min. (Adjustable)


Over coating (gloss/matt), Toner burnishing, Foiling (gold/silver)





Power source

220-240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase

Power consumption


Usage environment

Temperature: 15 to 30°C Humidity: 20 to 70% RH

Net weight


Dry Coat Film

For overcoating (Glossy/Matt)
320mmx150m/roll, 4 rolls/box
Extremely thin film gives digital prints
glossy / matt finishing.

Image Coat Film

For toner burnishing / Semi-spot coating.
320mmx70m/roll, 4 rolls/box
Transparent film gives toners on digital prints
glossy effect


For gold / silver foiling.
320mmx120m/roll, 2 rolls/box
Gold / silver foil sticks only on toners on digital