Uchida U-Coater

The U Coater is a Multi Functional, revolutionary coating machine using a carbon image recognition system, which can Spot & Gloss Coat, foil in different shades of Gold, Silver, and even Hologram finishes on stocks up to 400gsm, 320mm wide x any length.


3 Functions

Coating with Thermal Transfer
Every part of the paper is coated by a very thin (2-3 microns) gloss film to its surface. This gives any job a wonderful high gloss look.

Coating with Melting Toner
This unique method makes it possible to achieve a coating with melting toner.
Using a high parallelism film the machine applies heat on to the surface of the paper. Toner is then applied to the surface, melted and burnished.

Gold and Silver Embossing
The U-Coater can also produce gold and silver embossing.


  • No trimming after coating is required.
  • The coating has no odour (as in the U.V process).
  • No chemicals or messy cleaning.
  • Paper coated by the U-Coater can easily be folded (unlike laminated stock).
  • The U-Coater has a very small footprint for an SRA3+ machine.
  • Eco Friendly – uses only 600W (approx).
  • The film coating is waterproof (unlike U.V.).
  • Low machine cost compared to U.V type coaters.


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Product Description


Maximum Paper Size

320(W) x 600(L)mm

Minimum Paper Size

120mm (W) x 210mm (L)

Maximum Paper Weight

90g/m2 – 350g/m2

Paper Feed


Processing Speed

12 sheets/min. (A4)

Paper Quality

All Qualities

Coating Thickness

2 microns (approx)

Coating Technology

Dry Coat, Partial Miror,140mm/Roll

Coating Material

200m/Roll (Dry Coat Mirror Cast)
140m/Roll (Foils)


Gloss Coat/Spot Coat/Foil Stamp


Touch Screen

Dust Free Prints

Option Dust Removal device


Not necessary

Warmup Time

9 Minutes (approx)


Dry Coat Film, Partial Mirror Cast Film
Foils, Film Core etc.

Consumed Power

600w (100V/50Hz)


875(L) x 517(D) x 313(H)mm